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Fall 2018 Courses

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Two ELP Alumni receive 2018 Utah Business Awards

Utah Business recently announced their picks for this year’s 30 Women to Watch and CXOs of the Year. Both of the awardees are ELP Alumni. Anjali Pai in the 30 women to Watch category and Brad Mortensen in the CXOs of the Year category. Congratulations!

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Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Utah panel discussion

Dr. Paula Smith and her students led a panel discussion on the school-to-prison pipeline and recent legislative efforts aimed at stemming the flow of youth from school to the juvenile justice system.

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Drs. Paula and William Smith receive Black Student Union Award

The Black Student Union at the University of Utah honored Dr. Paula Smith, ELP and Dr. William Smith, ECS, with The Black Student Union’s Annual Legacy Award

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Erin Castro and Edén Cortez publication in the AMAE journal.

Erin Castro and Edén Cortez have published an article in the AMAE journal. "Mexican and Mexican American Student Reflections on Transfer: Institutional Agents and the Continued Role of the Community College".

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