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Higher Education Seminar Series Brownbag

Susana Munoz Dr. Susana Muñoz
Thursday, Sept. 29
12 - 1:00 PM
SAEC Auditorium

Author of: Identity, Social Activism, and the Pursuit of Higher Education: The Journey
Stories of Undocumented and Unafraid Community Activists

Sponsored by Educational Leadership & Policy

Marilynn HowardELP Academic Coordinator, Marilynn Howard, was one of the recipients of the 2016 University District Staff Excellence Awards. Marilynn began her career with the College of Education in 1979 and has served in various capacities within the College since that time.  Her aggregate service to the ELP Department adds up to well over 25 years.  We can think of no better way to recognize Marilynn’s contributions and commitment to the University of Utah than through this award. Marilynn's name will be forwarded on to the Executive Committee for nomination to receive the University Staff Excellence Award.

 Congratulations, Marilynn!!

DicksonThe Utah Board of Education chose Sydee Dickson on Thursday, June 23, 2016, to be its the state's next superintendent. Sydnee is a graduate of the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy. Sydnee received her Master’s of Education degree from the Department of Educational Administration in the Summer of 1987 and then her Doctorate of Education degree from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy in the Fall of 2007. Read more about the decision >>

Yong Mei NiDr. Yongmei Ni, Associate Professor in ELP, has been awarded a Seed Grant from the University of Utah Research Foundation in 2016. This project will explore the effects of the educational leadership preparation programs in Utah by answering the following questions: who participates in leadership preparation programs in Utah? How do graduates perceive the quality of their preparation programs? What are the career paths and leadership practices of graduates? And finally, how are program attributes associated with the career paths and leadership practices of graduates from different programs?

Congratulations to Erin Castro for being awarded the
2016 College of Education Teaching Award!

Erin Castro

Larry Parker & StudentsThe students of Dr. Larry Parker's 2015 Leadership for Social Justice class had the opportunity to put theory into practice: they developed a diversity action plan for the University of Utah. Read more about the DIversity Action Plan Proposal >>

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