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Teacher Leadership K-12 Administrative License Option

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Option for Graduates to complete K12 Administrative /Supervisory License

Students who have successfully completed the Teacher Leadership M.Ed. program and have a current Utah LEVEL 2 educator license may also choose to re-apply (within 5 years of graduation) to the ELP department to complete requirements for K12 Administrative Licensure.

  • Complete the remaining 9 - 12 hours of required administrative licensure coursework;
  • Complete a sequential series of three (3) K-12 Leadership Internship & Seminar (Summer, Fall, & Spring Semesters - 15 credit hours);
  • Complete the USOE required 450 hours of supervised internship in K-12 schools;
  • Complete an internship e-portfolio demonstrating administrative skills competency;
  • Pass a required Administrative Licensure test (Praxis or SLLA); and
  • Complete eligibility for recommendation to the State Office of Education for Utah Administrative/Supervisory Licensure.



Last Updated: 2/8/18