Administrative Internships

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Approved internships complying with departmental standards and the State of Utah regulations are required of students wishing to earn a K-12 administrative license. The state-required 450 contact hours include both elementary and secondary school administrative experience. Licensed administrators in school settings mentor interns, and the internship experiences are supervised by the Director of K-12 Field Studies. Intern progress and mastery of professional standards is monitored and evaluated by site mentors, the field director, and by students themselves. An intern-produced portfolio includes artifacts which reflect the participation and personal reflection on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for each professional standard.  

Internship Goals

1.         To provide the intern with a variety of experiences needed to develop entry level skills in administrative techniques.

2.         To assist the intern in gaining a realistic perspective of school administration as a result of working with experienced career administrators.

3.         To assist the intern in developing knowledge, skills and dispositions to promote learning for every student.

4.         To provide opportunities to bridge course work and field experiences.

5.         To assist the intern in making a smooth transition from currently held roles to future roles.

6.         To assist the intern with opportunities to apply administrative theory in the solution of practical administrative problems.

7.         To aid the intern in developing confidence in performing administrative tasks.

8.         To aid the intern in making professional career choices based upon an analysis of developing and demonstrated competencies.

9.         To assist school districts in preparing prospective administrators.

State of Utah Requirements for Administrative Internships

  • Minimum 450 hours with both elementary and secondary experience
  • Requires State of Utah Level 2 educator license

Last Updated: 2/15/17