Master of Education in K-12 School Administration

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Application Deadline for Summer 2018

Extended to March 5, 2018


An applicant for admission to the Graduate School must meet the following minimum requirements:

•  An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.

• A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Specifics to ELP Department Admission Information

1.  Application. An online Apply Yourself (AY) application form is to be completed by March 1.The application form requires contact information as well as information about the applicant’s educational and professional history. In addition, applicants are asked to include additional areas of evidence that support application to the program, using the instructions below. These inclusions provide evidence of the applicant’s professional commitment to education and leadership and also demonstrate their experiences in leadership.

Apply Yourself Application Link


2.  Statement of Purpose -- no statement of purpose is required. However, you will need to upload a blank document to this section in order to move on.

3.  Please respond to ALL three prompts -- upload your responses in the “Writing Sample” section of the Apply Yourself Application

Prompt #1:  Explain why you have chosen school administration as a future career path.  Include why the University of Utah program is the best fit for you.  Please limit your response to 250 words or less.

Prompt #2:  Describe a time you intentionally designed a powerful learning experience for students.  How did you design this experience and what were the results?  Please limit your response to 300 words or less.

Prompt #3: Describe a specific situation where you have demonstrated leadership as an educator that furthered access, equity and diversity within schools. How did this experience show your potential as a social justice leader?  Please limit your response to 300 words or less.

4.  Resume. In addition to the application form, applicants are asked to submit a resume that further      outlines their educational and professional history, specifically as it relates to leadership experiences (e.g., experiences as department chairs, committee chairs, specialist assignments, professional development leaders/trainers, etc.).

5. Recommendation Forms. Three supervisor recommendations are required. These include: current supervisor(s), or a previous supervisor. If you have had less than three supervisors, you may include a recommendation from a professional colleague with knowledge of your leadership potential.

6.   Current copy of an educator evaluation and copy of level 2 Utah Educator license.

Screening Interview (for selected applicants only). Selected applicants will be invited to an additional screening activity that includes a combination of individual and group activities. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT require a GRE test score.



Last Updated: 2/8/18