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Prospective students seeking K12 Administrative Licensure who already have an earned a master's degree have an option to apply for an Ed.D with Administrative Licensure. The focus of the Ed.D program remains research based and allows for K12 Specialization courses that support K12 Administrative Licensure requirements.

Contact: Dr. Shari Fraser; K12 Program Director 801.581.6714

Research, Inquiry and Academic Core: to be taken during the first two years of study

ELP 6960 (3) Introduction to Inquiry
ELP 7040 (3) Quantitative Research Methods
ELP 7060 (3) Qualitative Research Methods
ELP 7440 (3) Educational Policy
ELP 7220 (3) Leadership Theory
ELP 7240 (3) Organizational Theory
ELP 7480 (3) Leadership, Diversity and Social Justice Theory

Academic Specializations: to be completed during the first, second and third year of study. These courses are specific to K12 School Administration and may be combined with the K12 cohorts.

ELP 6210 Leading Schools (offered summer semester only)
ELP 6330 (3) Instructional Leadership
ELP 6450 (3) Administration of Educational Resources
ELP 6110 (3) Organizational Change 6110
ELP 6410 (3) Educational Law for Administrators

K12 Administrative Internship: to be completed during first and second (and third, if necessary) summer of study.

Students will complete 450 hours of administrative internship as required by the USOE for state licensure.

Field-Based Capstone Project: to be completed during years 3 and 4

The capstone provides students with an opportunity to apply leadership and inquiry knowledge and skills to problems of practice or policy issues. The project should focus on a timely and significant problem or policy and make a meaningful contribution in the candidate's school, district, college, university, or other relevant organizational setting.


Last Updated: 2/15/17