Ed.D. in K12 Leadership and Policy


 Ed.D. Cohort 2022



The Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, a division of the College of Education, emphasizes the application of theory and research to the practice of administration in K-12 schools or in higher education colleges and universities. As a result of the department's strong national reputation (consistently ranked among the top twenty-five Educational Administration Departments in the country) and faculty members' leadership in national organizations such as the University Council for Educational Administration, the American Educational Research Association, and the Association for the Study of Higher Education, students are kept abreast of the latest theory, research, and programmatic advancements within the field.

The department provides research and professional development opportunities through liaison with many local and state education agencies and associations such as surrounding school districts, the Utah State Office of Education, the Board of Regents, and the Utah Consortium for Educational Leadership. The department also is the home of the UtahEducationPolicyCenter and the editorial office home of Educational Administration Quarterly, the leading academic journal in the field of educational leadership.


The Ed.D. in K12 Leadership and Policy is designed to provide advanced preparation to individuals with experience working as administrators in K12 public schools, charter schools, or related educational organizations. Based on a model of professional inquiry, the Ed.D. Program emphasizes the use of theory in directing its field-based approach to problem solving. Students will study theory and research in the core domains of organization, leadership, inquiry methods, and in selected areas of specialization. They will use the knowledge gained in these areas of study to frame problems of administrative practice and to seek, critically examine, and apply information to solve problems.

K12 Program Director - Dr. Madeline Hafner, madeline.hafner@utah.edu, 1-801-581-1742



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Last Updated: 9/1/22