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Community College Leadership & Teaching Certificate

Certificate Program Enrollment is Open

Contact Information:
Dr. Jason Taylor

Marilynn Howard

Educational Leadership & Policy Department


The Community College Leadership & Teaching Certificate (CCLT) is a graduate credential:

  • Designed to provide current and aspiring community college leaders and faculty with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to be effective leaders and instructors in the diverse and complex community college context;
  • Designed to develop leaders and faculty as social justice advocates who can effectively design and implement policies, practices, and learning experiences that promote equitable learning experiences and outcomes.


The CCLT Program:

  • Supports professional development and career advancement 
  • Accommodates working professionals through evening coursework
  • Integrates applied learning experiences through the coursework and practicum
  • Aligns with national community college leadership and teaching competencies
  • Integrates collaborative learning experiences and networking opportunities
  • Supports attendance and engagement at national conferences such as the Council for the Study of Community Colleges
  • Aligns with ELP graduate programs for stackable credentials
  • Engages with leaders and faculty at SLCC and community colleges around the country

Admissions Options - Select the one that is right for you

1.     Non-degree seeking student (No access to financial aid)


2.     Second Bachelor’s degree student (Access to financial aid)


3.     Current ELP Graduate Student seeking graduate degree

·         No application necessary; enroll in appropriate CCLT courses

4.     Interested in future ELP graduate degree - Visit ELP websites to learn about admissions process

5.     All students must complete an interest form. Contact Marilynn Howard ( for a copy of the form.


Core Requirements for Leadership and Teaching Strand Additional Courses for Leadership Strand Additional Courses for Teaching Strand

ELP 7630 - American Community College

ELP 7590 - Higher Education Finance, Budget, and Planning

CLTE 6000: Teaching in Higher Education

ELP 7480 - Leadership, Diversity & Social Justice in K-12 & Higher Education

ELP 7545 - Introduction to Higher Education Administration

ELP 7960: Community College Pedagogy

ELP 7670 - Practicum Experience (3 credits)


Acceptable Course Substitutions for Current ELP Students

Last Updated: 7/26/21