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Dr. Jason L. Taylor awarded a Joyce Foundation grant to develop a research agenda aimed at addressing higher education inequities.

Jason Taylor

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Assistant Professor in the College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, Dr. Jason L. Taylor has just been awarded $99,000 by the nonpartisan Joyce Foundation. The foundation focuses on five key areas—education and the economy mobility, the environment, gun violence preventions and justice reform, democracy, and culture—in order to advance racial and economic justice. The foundation’s award to Dr. Taylor will fund 15 months of work in the area of education and economic mobility. Dr. Taylor will work with other researchers in establishing a research agenda aimed at understanding how dual credit/dual enrollment programs can increase both access to higher education and college completion rates for students of color and students that face other structural barriers to social and economic progress.

Dr. Taylor is honored to have received this award and is excited about helping shape evidence-based approaches to understanding and solving the complexities that drive unequal access and completion rates. We look forward to the results of Dr. Taylor’s important work and congratulate him on this generous award.  

Last Updated: 1/6/21