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Sports and Coaching Skills in Leadership: Kamaal Ahmad Featured on Homeroom

ELP graduate, Dr. Kamaal Ahmad, was recently interviewed by the UEN Homeroom podcast about how his experiences in sports and coaching have helped inform his leadership style. Today, Ahmad is an Assistant Principal at Matheson Junior High, and he routinely brings the skills he gained as an athlete and a coach to his educational leadership role. 

Dr. Kamaal Ahmad: A Leader on the Field, A Leader at School

Listen to Ahmad talk about how the skills he learned in sports and coaching make him a better leader, why it's important to stay connected to the community, and what he loves about being a leader in education. Ahmad was interviewed by the podcast's two hosts, Dani Sloan and Matt Winters, and ELP is proud to claim Sloan as another ELP graduate. Our students and alumni make us so proud!  

Last Updated: 2/7/22