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Jason Taylor Elected as Vice Chair of CPPHE

Jason TaylorASHEThe Council for Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE) announced their election results March 26, 2019. Congratulations to newly elected CPPHE Executive Committee Member, Jason Taylor, Vice Chair. CPPHE is one of four councils affiliated with ASHE. ASHE is the premiere higher ed scholarly association in the country. This is a 3-year position (Y1: Vice Chair, Y2: Chair, Y3: Past-Chair). 

The purposes of the Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE) shall be to promote research on, and to advance understanding of, the processes and impacts of public policy in U.S. higher education, as well as to help inform decision making in the public policy arena. The Council shall also serve as an incubator and facilitator of future policy-relevant research and as an ongoing network for the exchange of ideas and information. The Council shall pursue these purposes by providing opportunities for researchers, public policy analysts, and policy makers to share research findings and to discuss diverse ideas and perspectives regarding public policy issues in higher education. As an organization addressing public policy issues, the Council shall focus primarily on state and federal governmental issues, programs, or processes that affect higher education in the United States

I’m thrilled to serve in this role. 


Last Updated: 10/9/20