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Chris Linder receives Spencer Foundation Award

Chris Linder

Developing a Critical-Interdisciplinary Research Agenda to Eradicate Sexual Violence on U.S. College Campuses

Rates of campus sexual violence remain high, requiring scholars to engage in innovative and improved research and theorizing to guide more effective strategies to eradicate campus sexual violence. Through this Summit sponsored by the Spencer Foundation, we bring scholars committed to engaging critical, interdisciplinary research together to develop a comprehensive research agenda that will work toward eradicating campus sexual violence. We have invited researchers from criminal justice, higher education, psychology, communications, journalism, women’s studies, ethnic studies, and political science to share and examine epistemological and disciplinary assumptions in research about sexual violence. By providing intentional time and space to think across disciplines, we aim to develop more complex questions and research agendas that interrogate dominant scholarly perspectives of campus sexual violence and work toward eradicating campus sexual violence.  For example, bringing together scholars from psychology, criminal justice, and higher education to examine campus perpetration, new and different questions emerge based on the strengths and perspectives of three different disciplines, rather than one. Through this Summit, we will work together to develop a critical-interdisciplinary research agenda that works toward eradicating sexual violence by focusing on power and dominance, including increased attention to perpetrator intervention, survivor-centered responses, community accountability, and transformative justice.

This work is being done in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Harris, UCLA and Dr. Susan Marine, Merrimack College.  

Last Updated: 10/9/20