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Welcome to the U of U, ELP, and the M.Ed. Student Affairs Program!

ELP is sponsoring Preview Days on March 1 – 3 for student admitted into the Fall 2017 Fall Cohort.  This event will offer an opportunity to attend a class, meet members of the ELP community, and learn more about the program and faculty.  Attendance is not mandatory but it is a common practice in graduate student affairs programs around the U.S. to offer this activity as final selections are made by admitted students.

Wed., March 1 – Fall 2017 Cohort Member arrive and attend ELP 6560 – College Student Retention.

Thurs., March 2 – Events and activities from 8:30 AM to 8 PM offer an opportunity to meet ELP faculty, students, and partners.

Friday., March 3 – Fall 2017 Cohort Members will be interviewing with the Division of Student Affairs and Housing & Residential Education (unless the student attended OPE in Wisconsin).

Special thank you to Saranda Lund (Fall 2016 Cohort) and Gil Vaught (Fall 2016 Cohort) for planning this event.


Last Updated: 3/2/17